Chapman Social Media Aid 2014

Gina Jue "Skypeing" Oricane's Josefine Åhl

Do you need help with social media? Now it is time again for students in my Internet/Social Media Marketing class to select companies or organizations to help in terms of their Internet and social media presence. The work they do is within the scope of their team projects. While some students typically have ideas of […]

Gary Vaynerchuk in LA with “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” book

Gary Vaynerchuk and Niklas Myhr

Always energizing to meet dynamo Gary Vaynerchuk as he always brings it all to the table as he shares his insights on social media marketing, personal branding, and on entrepreneurship either by speaking or with his book. The latest and, according to him, the final installment in his trilogy is named “Jab, jab, jab, right hook” […]

Buffer recommends Hootsuite, “Lethal Generosity” alive and well

@joelgascoigne "Joel Gascoigne"

Buffer and its Founder/CEO Joel Gascoigne today referred disgruntled customers to their main competitor, Hootsuite. This post discusses this display of “lethal generosity.” For those who don’t know, Buffer is a social media productivity tool allowing users to stock up or fill up a buffer of content to share that will then be disseminated over time on various […]

Microsoft gets “MicroPhone” in Nokia Deal

Nokia's dots after 2010, an ominous sign?

Today’s announcement that Microsoft is buying the cell phone part of Nokia (their Devices and Services Division) was hardly shocking. Yet, it is a noteworthy event and also a little bit saddening given that it represents a significant milestone in the downhill slide of Nokia from its heights as the undisputed leader in cell phone manufacturing only […]

BBC Interview on Personal Branding with a Website

BBC interviews Niklas Myhr, Ph.D.

In an interview with BBC Capital, I was asked about the value for professionals of developing a website where they can manage their personal brands to support their career objectives. To me, it is surprising that this is still even an issue almost twenty years after we started exploring the World Wide Web. However, as I often […]

Chapman Students Boost Swedish Startup’s Social Media

Gina Jue on Skype with Oricane COO Josefine Åhl

At the beginning of the Spring Semester, I published a blog post Chapman Social Media Aid asking companies if they wanted student teams helping them with their social media efforts. A company heeding the call was Swedish startup Oricane, a green technology company offering energy efficient software and big data solutions often reducing cost by 98% and […]

“Give and Take” talk by Adam Grant

With Adam Grant at Cal Tech

Glad I made it to Cal Tech where the Skeptics Society led by Michael Shermer hosted Adam Grant for a talk on his book “Give and Take.” In his presentation, Adam offered persuasive examples of how people who are indiscriminately helpful to basically anyone who asks can get ahead by accumulating a wider network over […]

Internet Marketing In Real Life

Niklas Myhr Melanie Duncan Devin Duncan

I very much enjoy having my former students visit my classes and today was definitely no exception as my Internet/Social Media Marketing class was visited by Melanie and Devin Duncan. Melanie Duncan graduated in 2008 and met her future husband Devin Duncan while he was also studying at Chapman University. As true serial entrepreneurs, they have […]

“Det Goda Tramset” or “The Good Chatter” upcoming book

Gomorron Sverige - Good Morning Sweden, March 6, 2013

“Det Goda Tramset” is a soon to be released book in Swedish by Åsa Stenström and myself. For more info in Swedish, please check out this interview featured on Swedish national television in “Gomorron Sverige” on March 6, 2013. Om någon söker mig så nås jag bäst via mail till eller via min och […]

Staple Yourself to the Customer Experience


Today’s wakeup call was provided by Brian Solis with his new blog post “The 5 Pillars of New Media Strategy.” Brian argues convincingly that we all should stop looking for a magic formula or success recipe to guide us in our social media travails by simply arguing that it all depends on who we are […]